iCONTROL is a fully programmable building and home automation systems seamlessly combine and control the subsystems required in an intelligent building, including lighting control, security, networking and control, energy management, and interfaces.

The system can manage a large number of devices making it suitable for large scale residential and commercial applications. The system is flexibility allows devices to be replaced or upgraded at any time without interrupting normal activities.

iCONTROL, was manufactured by HPM, and now is backed by HPM Legrand.

iCONTROL Home Automation System has been discontinued.
But we still Service, Program & Maintain this System.
Call us if you have any inquire or in need of parts.
Also we can upgrade your iCONTROL System to a:
Legrand Automation System

iControl Control Panel

iCONTROL Control Panel

iCONTROL Stainless Steel Switch

iCONTROL Stainless Steel Switch

iCONTROL Metal Euro Switch

iCONTROL Metal Euro Switch

iCONTROL 4 Key White Switch Paelex

iCONTROL White Switch

iCONTROL 4 Key Glass Switch

iCONTROL  Glass Euro Switch




iCONTROL Relay & Dimmer Paelex

iCONTROL Relay & Dimmer